False allegations for 498a ipc dowry act

?For Bail Purpose:-?498A SECTION DOWRY ACT FALSE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST ME AND MY MOTHER > I am talking about guarantors tax papers anadhikrutbaandkaam is mentioned on their tax paper but they used to stay in apartment on the tax their name is mentioned my question is whether this paper worth or not in thane session court for 498a pic. ...In thane we used to stay in slum area...Most of the building are illegal..... > Domesitic violence is still pending in the court and nulllity of marriage is in family court how much time it will tak???e to resolve for nullity.. Actually i want to disclose my entire story i had married a girl in May year 2013?? but their parents had not reveal the fact that her daughter is suffering from schizophernia a mental illness disease at marriage time on the same day she used to use very filthy language her behaviour is very strange but due to presenece of relatives i had ignore but on the fifth day she had beaten me and my mother broke the ganesh idol statue created the entire drama at my home when we called their parents they told that she is scared of new place that day itself she had gone with her father and brother till date she had not arrived but she herself reveal that she is suffering from mental illness since 12 years its a chronical disease on the same day itslef we lodged a complaint at police station but after one and half year they had filed a domestic violence against me and mother now in the month of march they filed a false FIR against me and mother i got a medical certificate from their doctor that she is not suffering from this disease at this time she had to continue her medicine for long time.. how much time it will take for domesticviolonce to close and nullity of marriage.. Pls guide my life is at stake.. Thanks...vijay naik ?Waiting for positive response..