Need Divorce

Hi sir, This is Sunil Kumar i got married in 2012(Love marriage), and we are blessed with a baby girl and she is a year old now. Im staying separately from my family from 4 years. My mother & father in law always interfere in my family issues and blackmail to file a fake harassment case on me & my parents sister and brother if I didn’t listen to their words. After marriage I even stay separate from my family. A month back my mother in law brought sickle to hit me and after the neighbors came she ran inside the house and hid it. 2 days back my father inlaw came to house and was throwing stones & slippers on me. Its been 4 years since marriage and in the four years she stayed a maximum of 6 months with me. I am really fed up of these people and want a divorce from my wife and end this relation as quick as possible. I raised a question of divorce a week back after these incidents they are ready for divorce and asked to keep the baby if she wants now wife don’t want to give divorce and saying she will file a harassment case on my family members including my sister & her husband and my brother & sister in-law saying she will see the end. Please guide me what exactly can be done to overcome this problem.