Want to get Divorce from my wife

Hello , I have got married last year. But since first day itself my wife has put many allegations on me & my family , all of which has been found false , when enquired. later she made 5-6 attempts of eloping from my house . We called her family , but nobody cam to discuss her behivour.once , She made a suicide attempt stating(writing in a paper , whose original copy is with me )that she,only , is resposible for this suicide, We called her family again but nobody cam as usual.Instead her abused me , my mother & my entire family on call. In the mean time , we have a baby in march. But after one month of delivery she fled from my house(we have registered FIR for the same in police station). She called me after two days that she is in jammu. Finally , her brother brought her back to her home . She has filed a complaint against me in CAW Cell stating that my family has demanded dowry from her. we had first counselling in caw cell where I clarified that i dont want to stay with her as i have lost respect in my society(being a husband of eloped wife) & want divorce but she is insisting that she want to stay with me. Still, I want to go for divorce as i dont trust her anymore. I am getting constatnt threat from her brothers that if i refuse to stay with her , they'll shoot me & my family. Kindly tell me the path forward which i should opt to get divorce from her.