Joint Property after divorce

Hi, I am going through divorce. I have a joint property on mine and my husband's name bought about 3.5 years back. It's net value when we bought was 43+ lakh. It's 21 lakh worth down payment was done by me. It's 10 lakh worth down payment was done by my husband. I conceived, and my husband's been paying EMI since then - about 3 years @12000 something per month. Pending payments - 17 lakh loan is pending on that 5 lakh registration amount to builder - that happens on possession Primary owner of that property is my husband Me being secondary owner. We did a current evaluation of the property considering that there's a loan pending.. and amount came out to be 26 lakhs. As 17+5 payment is still pending. Per this, we signed contract that - Either I transfer property solely on his name and he pays me 13 lakhs. I will relinquish all my share and claim in the said joint house. Or I buy property solely on my name, and pay him 13 lakhs. He will relinquish all his share and claim in the said joint house. There was no mention of loan. *My* assumption was that pending loan he shall clear. Because I already have paid biger chunk of 21 lakhs worth down payment. Anyways - now is the time of execution of above statement.. and my husband is modifying the MOU interpretation as per his convenience - He says that he does not need the property, I can keep it. And pay him 13 lakhs, and also down payment of 17 lakhs worth pending loan (+ 5 lakh registration charges to the builder) From my end, I would have paid 21 lakhs + 17 lakh = 38 lakhs for a property worth 43 lakhs to begin with, Does not sound fair to me at all. My version is - either he pays me 13 lakh and I transfer property to him, and he continues to pay loan Or I pay him 13 lakh, and he transfers property to me, and clears the loan for me; or atleast pays half of it. Currently loan is in his name And this conflict is creating issues. and also this case we are fighting for 'maintenance' as I have a son from him. But I clearly see that his version is biased and not fair by any means Infact instead of me getting monetary maintenance or support from my husband, I can see I would instead by offering him my support by giving him 13 lakhs and owing up his loan. I really need guidance here. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot