Adultry and divorce

Hi, My husband having affairs with prostitutes. I have call recording for all these as proof. But I could get the visuals. I revealed this to his brother and we had a discussion at home. I have a video where he is confessing about his mistake. 1. Whether this will be considered as proof in the court?. That day my husband agreed for mutual divorce and giving my son to my custody and without any financial benefit for me. But now he is not ready to give my son custody to me. 2. He has sold his site gift-deed by his brother without my consent and asking for my signature now to sign on the NO CONSENT AGREEMENT. If I file divorce case now, whether my son 3yrs old will be able to get share in this property or money?. Probably the purchaser still not released all the amount until they get my signature. How can I use this to get my divorce? 3. My mother-in-law own a building it has 3 floors and 5 houses in that. Whether my son has any rights to get share in this property? My least expectation is to get divorce and get my son's custody. How can I proceed here?