Property Dispute Law

Family Property Dispute I am a Hindu girl. My father by his own purchased a Bar & Restaurant and registering the property on his name. After my father’s death the ownership of the property was transferred in the name of my mother in 1983 with the agreement of my uncle (Mothers brother) I have 2 elder brothers. From1983 till 2003 my uncle was looking after the business and all welfare of our family. He brought house for us and registered in my mother’s name. In 1999 I got married on my own without family permission and left the house without any monetary benefit. In 2003 my elder brother got married and in 2004 and my uncle left the business to my both brothers. Since I was away my both brothers enjoyed the benefit of the business till date and made a credit of Rs 5CR as on date. Now they both are fighting for the business and house. My mother s uneducated and cannot leave both brothers. All property, Bar, Bar Licence & House property are in my mothers name. I have a daughter aged 16yrs. Now Do I have any legal rights on the property? How much share I am supposed to get. Can I file a case for my share? Please advice.