Illegal marriage

My husband was already married and living with his wife,he said that he will divorce his wife, till then you marry me ,that time my age was just 21 .he took me to the court and on a 100 rs bond per he took my signatures with three witness saying that we are married now,he did not do notary or registration, when his wife came to know, she filled 48 case and maintenance case on him, in 498 case even my name was there. My husband is my mamis brother. I was knowing that he is married. But as I become blind in his love I got married to him which doesn't exist anywhere.he had two sons from first marriage . When I started living with him, she left house with the two sons to her parents house., I got a son from him. I am with this man from year 2006 to 2014. When my son was 1 year old he started mental and physical torture in 2014 I left him and started living with my parents .now I am preparing for my upsc exam that is for IAS am I eligible .,what should I do. Now from past 3 months I don't know his where a outs where he is