Can gift deed be revoked

My parents bought house for me in mahim Mumbai around 25 years back. I was only the owner of that house. My elder brother was staying in that which I had allowed him to stay along with his family. All my documents pertaing to That house was lying in the cupboard of said house which was under their custody. My brother was after me to transfer the said right on his son's name. He was indirectly harrowing me and since his all sons are criminal and having bad in record in their area as well as in police station. After his continuous harrsment I agreed to transfer my right without any monetary benefit. Since I am a working woman I took half day on 19th October 2015 he took me to registrar office at Fort Tambawalla Associated through adv jhaveri. He had wrirten some 1 lac as he is giving me. When I asked the landlord who has made all documents Mr. Suresh Chachad why u wrote this figure then. He replied this is just formality. They forcibly taken me along with my husband. Sir can i take my property back as they are gundas being to jail several times. I did not lodged complaint. Sir pls help me . Zakia khan