Family problem

I married on January 2016 .from the first day of married life onwards husband and mother mentally torturing me for dowry. Pressuring me to ask money from my home.In husbands home ,husband and mother only there.for this marriage i changed my Christian diocese and became born again.becaue of their faith they not allowing me to talk to my parents or see them.they saying like I will lose faith in Christianity if I go and talk to them mother in law mentally torturing me by saying about this faith.she is not allowing me to be with my husband.from the first month of married life onwards my husband physically torturing me ,by saying about this faith and dowry.because of this physical and mental torture Since 2 months am in my home,he is not calling and talking anything.every time my mother in law says after my Christ faith gets stronger ,can live with the name of faith my husband and mother in-law not allowing me to be a mother (to get pregnant).now they saying to quit my job in office .my motherinlaw want me to pray 24hrs and she don't want me to spent my life with husband. She is a widow and my husband is her only son.when I was in husbands home,one time I saw the gas knobe ws open which she purposely did. So am scared to go their. They saying they don't want me if am not going their.husband is a govt.employee. What is a solution for this? I would like to continue this relationship,.. Already attended 3 counselling sessions from church where we husband in front of the church head said sorry for the mistakes he have done and Church head and some elders because of motherin laws issues made us to live separately in rented home,4 days with me and 3 days with mother.......but now they changed church without letting me know..and they go in a church where there is no he is not coming to stay together or talking,now he say he don't want me. What we can do for this?