False Criminal case

Friends, I need a opinion for the below situation. My brother was falsely framed and included in a case. For the following charges, Cr P.C. 457, 448 and 506. It was a family dispute and my brother tried to sort it. My Dads elder brother(uncle) was in a living relationship with a lady. She has no kids. This lady filed a false case against my brother also. My uncle had registered a property on the lady who was in a living relationship. Which we were not aware of. My Aunt (dad's younger sister ) is very poor. She got permission from my uncle to stay in the said property. Few days back lady who was in a living relationship. Started troubling my Aunt to move out of the place. Since she restrained from living she filed a criminal case. And falsely included my brothers name also in this case. Few things to note. The lady who was in living relationship is already in one of my uncle's house. She has no kids. But my uncle was married and he has a kid. Who is supposed to be the legal heir. How do I go by fixing this issue. PS: We spoke to the lady to settle family matter within. She wants everyone in the family to sign a bond stating that we will not bother her on property issue. (For which we all agreed ) but she also wants my uncle's kid to sign the bond stating that he Will not interfere. Which my uncle's kid is not ready to do.