How to break work contract/bond?

Hi, I am working with an startup IT firm thorough college placement. I had started working there as an intern, at the time of joining they told us many things such as they will be giving work on good technology, and good salary after internship. And they signed the contract/bond of 3 years for working with them at the time of joining as inern. Now I have understood that their is nothing to learn in that firm. They are just working on basic thing's, which wont be usefull when i will get out of that firm after 3 years. I am not getting any knowledge from there which can create my future. And next is they are not giving that much of salary they were told at the time of joining after confirmation. Experienced employees with 2-3 years experience are having hurdles to crack other companies interview because of lack of knowledge as per their experience. There is a penulty of Rs. 1 lacks to break the contract. Can you please suggest any solution on this. I dont want to give any economical load on my parents because our economical condition is not allready that good. Thanks in advance.