Cheque bounce due to insufficient funds

Dear Sir, I undersigned a marine officer once I joined ship from a foreign company registered office in Mumbai,after couple of days of my joining the ship I requested for signing off from the ship due to my mother's illness,but they asked me to deposit the amount of repatriation(should be borne by company) or I had to (forced me) submit/held my professional certificate with the company and said after returning once I pay them they would return my document,they also taken a letter of undertaking from me.I had to do because I had no option left that time.Later after returning home I urged them to return my document since I did not have any fund to pay them because without that I would not able to join the ship and earn money. Then they advised me to send them Post dated cheque to release the document.So I did and got my document back and I joined the ship again through another Indian based company.But due to insufficient fund the cheque issued by me bounced,so I received a mail from the previous company saying to settle that amount of around Rs two lakh otherwise they would hand over the file to their legal team.Please advise how I can get rid of this without paying to the company.