Remedy after warranty

I purchased a micromax a300 gold model telephone for rs. 23000 in june 2014. it had one year waranty. now the mother board has failed and the service center says that the spares for this model is not avialable and they have to buy a used set and replace the board. they indicated rs.13000/- as the cost of repair and insist that i pay 50% as advance to start looking for an old set in the market. i refused to this proposal saying that now a phone with better features than a300 model is available at a price less than rs.13000. any equipment should have a normal working life and any problem during this period should be attended at a reasonable cost if there is no misuse/mishandling. in this case the failure is only because of poor quality of parts used. hence is there no remedy for cases like this. can we take this up under consumer protection act?. can we right to the govt to pass a legislation that equipments like this should be sold indicating normal working life, cost of repalacement of vital parts after warranty period, period upto which the service avaailable and the cost for such service. please advise