Death Certificate

Recently 3 of our relatives met with an car accident and died on spot. This happened within the limits of Police Station at Penakunda Village, Ananthpur District, Andhra Pradesh. FIR was filed in Penakunda Police station and the medical certificate declaring all 3 as dead was issued by general hospital at Penakunda Village. The bodies were shifted to Bangalore where the cremation was performed. All 3 were residents of Bangalore. The cremation report was issued by the authorities in Bangalore. However, on demanding the Death Certificate from the authority in Bangalore (BBMP) , it was informed to us that the death certificate will be issued at the place where the death has occurred. (i.e. Penakunda Village). In this regard i require your advice as to what is the exact provision of law and legally where shall the death certificate be issued. i.e. whether the death certificate to be issued at the place where the death has occurred or at the place the cremation happened or where the person was resident?