Query on sale of Agriculture land.

X has from 1st wife - son-1 & son-2. After death of 1st wife, X married again and has 2 daughters from wife no 2. (before 1990) X and 3 other parties combined purchased agriculture land 1 acre 14 guntas in 1990. Soon after purchasing in 1990, X and the same 3 parties made a partition deed mutually and registered it at Sub registrar office in 1990. Out of 1 acre 14 guntas, X got 38 guntas from that partition. X died in 1997, as on 1997, X has son-1, widow of son-2 (son-2 died after 1990 partition) and his 2nd wife alive. In 2007, Gram panchayat and elders of the village (13 Panchs) divided the 38 guntas of X between his 2 sons (son-1, widow of son-2 ) & 2nd wife of X. 2nd wife of X got 8 guntas out of 38 guntas and leftover is shared between son-1 & widow of son-2. 2nd wife of X has Agriculture land patta passbook and is updated with revenue records (8 guntas) as on date Questions Q1- Is this treated as an ancestral property 4 children of son1, son2 and daughters of 2 wife of X ? Q2- Is this treated as an ancestral property for grand children of son-1, son-2 and grand children of daughters of X. Q3- Whose signature is required for 2nd wife of X to sell her of 8 guntas of land 2nd wife of X is alive as of today. Q4- who all can claim that 8 guntas which 2nd wife of X has ? Regards,