What I have to do in the following circumstances

I am enjoying my ancestral property of Two acres,Ninteen cents of agricultural land at Doppalapudi revenue village of Ponnuru Tahasil of Guntur Dist of Andhra Pradesh. we are three brothers and one sister My sister got married in the year 1975 and my father died in the year 1997 Feb22 . My Sister got her share of property from my fathers own earnings.(swarjitham) One of my brother died after he got married. My sister in law went to court for division of property another brother follow suit. The 1st class judicial majistrate at bapatla divided the land between my father and the above two . My father has given my share of property in an agreement , (after himself owning equal share ) which was not registered .. the property which I am enjoying is 2-19 ( two acres Ninteen cents ) is having only Pattadar pass books only since it has created in the year 1995 . I am paying agricultural taxes on the above . I got agricultural loan from a nationalised bank too. Now the question is when put my land for sale , the purchasers is insisting for link document which I am not having. another I am not having is the court document where my brothers got their share.My brothers are not cooperating at the movement . The purchasers is insisting for supporting signatures of my brothers and sister. or to transfer the land to my wife in a declaration and after that to register to them. this is an extra cost to me so please guide me in the above circumstances what I have to do