Litigation on my revenue site

Search Apps Notifications Google+ Gmail Photos YouTube Calendar Docs Transit News Tasks Translate Books Orkut even more » Gmail Google+ Calendar Web more Sent Mail Updated. Litigation on my revenue site habeebulla khan to advocatessk, advocatessk 6 minutes agoDetails Hello sir, i bought one revenue site measuring 130×100 feet, registered at sub registrar office in 2010 from land owner at Davangere ,karnataka,,A land owner was having total revenue land 0.16 guntas of dimension of size (230×100) feet of agriculture land. the land owner made a khata extract itself of this land from town muncipality by Out of this land owner converted( Not Dc conversion just revenue sites) of land as sites (two sites was made by him measuring 130x100 & 100×100 feets) sizes and for this two sites land owner himself gave site numbers... and i transfered khata extract from the owners name to my name .....after registration of sale deed. When registration was done, in sale deed survey number was not mentioned instead of survey number a dummy door number(this was given to site by owner himself.) was mentioned along with boundaries of east,west north and south. Recently after 6 years the land owner filed a case that we have created a bogus document... and now since RTC (Phani) of entire 0.16 guntas is still in the name of owner.itself . For this purchased site i have got Katha Extract at office & i am paying property tax from the 2010 to till date . but the thing is my name is not reflecting in RTC. He has filed a case against me that i am trying to sell his property by creating duplicate or bogus documents even though he itself came to subregistrar office to do the registration even he made the signature,thumb impression or fingerprint and with his photo is present in sale deed. And he has brought a injection order from the court that i should not sell my property to anyone. kindly give the suggestion whether my sale deed is valid or not. And if i move legaly will i win the case...or not.. Regards. H k habeebulla khan.