Recovery of my money from a project

Hello I have applied for a shop in a project in DWARKA EXPRESS WAY AROUND THREE AND A HALF YEARS BACK. The total amount given was Rs 10.31 in two installments three years back. No progress was made in the project for three years and I lost my interest in the project. I visited their office in NOV 2015 and wanted my money back. They are just giving me Rs 1.77 lakhs on the pretext of cutting down the 15% of the total consideration amount which is written in their form. And as soon as I demanded my money they have sent another demand letter of 3.56 lakhs for the digging of the project. The company is just willing to dupe my money. I have hired a lawyer who is of no use as he has given this case to police constable who after three months saying that nothing could be done or wait for some more time. Please inform what I have to do now and off course your fees till the case is finalized. If you feel you can handle my case successfully and with ease. Please give me a call at [deleted] Thanks and regards VINOD NAGI