Power of Attorney for house registration

I have invested in a property (flat) in Bangalore, and currently it is under construction. The property is in my and my spouse’s name. The builder is promising to give me possession by Mar-Apr 2015 (next year) and initiate the registration that time. However, due to some official purpose I have to travel to the US on a long term basis, and most likely I will not be able to return to India during Mar-Apr 2015. Under these circumstances: 1) Can I give the rights (like power of attorney) to my father/mother to sign the registration documents and do all the legal formalities on my behalf? 2) Is there any way I can get the processing done irrespective of my physical presence in India. Like someone from India can mail me the documents in the US and I can sign and return it back. 3) In case both of the above are not possible, how long I can wait to do the registration? Most likely I will return back by end of 2016; can I delay it till that time? 4) What alternate options I have? Kindly suggest. Ayan Mitra