CRPC 133 Case regarding broken wall

The neighbor who lives beside my land which was compounded had broken the wall and has raised a complain to the SDM telling that the wall was broken by rain and is expecting me to repair the compound wall. I had also given a complain to the Panchayat and Village office. The people from the village office (without informing me) had visited the site and given a negative report after being influenced by the neighbor. Now the SDM has visited the site and has told that a case under CRPC 133 has been booked for this issue. The compound wall between our properties was build and funded by me, This part of the fence was previously maintained by the Neighbor, The neighbors who are laborers told me that the wall was broken during the unloading of building material by the complaining neighbor. But they are scared to give a statement in front of the SDM. I have written a complain mentioning all the above statements and requested the SDM to give the order the neighbor to pay 1/2 the cost of building the compound wall and also do the rectification of the same, Also since he is living there permanently he should be ordered to be responsible for the maintenance of the compound wall.