Being a psychopath's target

This guy had lied about his education so that he can make friends from reputated and respected families says he is graduate where as we came to know he is matric pass. this guy lies about his orientation as said he is straight and hates gays where as he had relationship with guys in past . the parents are fully aware of what he is and motivates their son to distroy other friends career. his guy has occasional visit to brothels and have made gf and bf with bad intentions . he brings home his gf anf bf do stuffs . he drinks and smokes and makes it sure that his friends do it to . and he portrays himself like an angel in social media sites . what can i do if i find out one of my friend is a psychopath and has no life tried to distroy other peoples life as in he want s to see everyone like him miserable . i belong to a reputed family studying spending millions on my education i belong to a very middle class family i have to make my career work we dont go to holidays or have fun with friends . this guy is disturbing us as we have came to know about his lies from top to bottom so we want to cutt of this criminal minded guy from our friend circle . it has being 5months he is still tryig to contact us and stalking us every min on social sites he has even checked my merit list of my college where ill be taking admission this much level of staling . his victims has warned me about him ..what should i do i have warned his father and family but i think they all know stuff and motivating him to do these.. who want to keep contact with this level of criminal minded person ? what should i do he is stalking me everywhere . he cannot take others success as he is matric pass and lied he is graduate he wants to distroy people who have dreams and ambitions as he has none . he has a weird face expression and is very short and cannot talk properly . i am scared . he will not let this friendship go he wants to distroy me if i cut him off from my friends circle . i cannot go to the police as i dont have any evidence of this activities its just what i heard . the more i insult him not to contact the more he is on this , this guy have no backbone and self respect and is not capable of normal thinking . nor his family.