Domestic violece

My complaint is that I got married last year & facing problem of domestic violence after one week of marriage. Few months before my husband & mother in law had done a life threatening physical torture on a very small issue.My husband slapped on my lower abdomen & my mother in law had put her hand on mouth so that my voice is not audible to neighbours .I have hidden all this with parents to save relationship. On 10 April 2016 when my parents came to my in laws house for I told them reality. I have to leave my husband house because he said now we will treat her more rigidly & my mother in law said Le jao isko ko yaha se. From 10 th April 2016 I am living with my mother. I have to leave my in laws house two more times on when they bounded me to give them my full salary & make all joint bank account with him About one year is going to end my husband is not interested in giving me happiness of motherhood. I don't know what kind of cruelty is going on in the mind of my husband & in laws. Now the condition is such that my husband and in laws are not attending our phone calls & not responding to messages & emails.Through a text they shown interest in divorce by mutual concent but they don't want to give me place of wife & daughter in law .They are avoiding our calls texts & saying this statement in front of their family members that our daughter inis putting false blames on us we have not done anything wrong with her. My future will spoil please help me as early as possible.