Regarding Section 9A

Hi I got married on june 2012 and having 3 year old female baby with me. My husband left me on 11 feb 2015 . Now he filed section 9 on me on 4th april 2016 with wrong allegation that i use to run away from native and i left him in the month of feb 2015 that too from his native. when he left me that time i was in bangalore and i do have a proof of that .In feb 2015 i was giving my MBA exams for which i do have admit card and rest my ATM and debit card transaction will also show that i was in bangalore only not in his native. I wanted to know what as i have all document which i can provide to court that he is making false allegation on me in that case what will be the output. My family is suffering like anythng as it has been filed at there place.Moreover i dont know also where he is working at present .He changed his salary account also .And just i have a clue that he might be in hyderabad. In feb 2014 i had given police complain also for him in banaglore .Also give counselling complain to VANITHA SAHAYAVANI Office of the Commissioner of police No 1, Infantry Road, Bengaluru But there is no improvement in him.We had given dowary to him by RTGS transaction for which my dad is having receipt. Please guide me how i can come out of this along with atleast my dowary amount recovery.