My brother falsely stuck in 302 and sc/st act 1989

My brother falsely stuck in 302 and sc/st act 1989, my brother live in rent near allahabad and worked a private firm and always go to native home when morning shift was not . his working time was 6 am to 2 pm , my brother was came office to room on dt-04.06.16 at 4 pm meanwhile on the road (where victim house was) his landlord son and that person who is died stand over the road and called (meet) him and both go with their room where my brother had live. (victim also was farming behind the home and victim family also know to every one), and after some time my brother go to room and sleep and wakeup 9 o clock and go out side to take dinner and came near about 10.30 .when he go and came no one on their but on the morning near about 4 am victim grumbling outside the home and my brother wakeup and ask who are you then he replied i am (victim name), then my brother asked what happened then he had replied please call to landlord (land lord live in other home), then by brother called to landlord and landlord came and see his condition and said don't worry he had taken drugs or may be wine he would be fine . please you go to sleep but my brother he had grumbling how to sleep now he decided my duty has 6 o clock and already happened near about 5 o clock so i going to office and would be fresh in canteen and taking something then after join to office 6 o clock on 05.06.16, and next day my brother had night shift so after office he want to go native place , but 05.06.16 at 9 o clock his land lord called to my brother the victim is died that's by police and gram pradhan want to talk then my brother said ok then police talk to my brother and ask where are you then he replied i am in the office and after office i will go to my native place if have any problem then i would be come but police said no problem you can go your home and come tomorrow morning and meet me. my brother replied OK next day he return to home and go to police station then police caught him and send to jail due to victim family logged FIR Against land lord , his son and my brother these people along with the victim and these had killed, after PM report victim had 5 injury in 1 in head,second is chest (broken 3 rib) , third and 4th is both knew and fifth is palm . and police also still left land lord son . and not send charge sheet. so sir please help how to get bail and how many time to wait for bell , and what step i take to get Justice.