Employment bond breaking

Dear Sir, I'm an IT professional with 1.5+ years experience. I have joined a new company 1 month ago. But strangely, I had to sign a bond of 1 year service and Rs. 100000 EVEN IF I had experience. It was not a problem then as I was planning to stay for at-least 1 year in here. But I've made some recent plans to go abroad for further studies and I'd like to go January 2017. But my bond period is a problem now. I'll already be in a HUGE debt as I will have to take a student loan for this, and I don't think I have the money to pay Rs100000 to this company. As per the employment conditions, the first 3 months are probation period, which I'm currently on. But there is no training or anything here and I'm already doing the normal works (already have the experience). This amount seems too huge and it just doesn't seems right since all they had to do was go through the trouble of a few interviews. Note: Only the copies of my certificates are submitted to company. I'm really scared that if I have to go through the legal and court matters, it will delay anyway my plans to go abroad. Please help me out here.