Regarding getting back my investment from a business

Three of us started a business. I had invested some amount and i was the sole investor. Consequences led to disputes in three of us and two of decided to quit and third person verbally agreed that he will continue the business and he will return my money. Now he is not available in calls and in messages he says he is busy in family problems since more than two months. Also, he says he is not responsible for returning my money and he started to tell different stories that i will not return your complete amount as i am not responsible and all. Neither, he is willing to call back and settle the matter nor he is committing when will he be back. I have waited for two months. But all this conversation about our agreement was verbally before it would get into papers he got busy so further legal proceedings could not be taken care of. So, Is there a way to legally take action against him to get my money back. And as I dont have proof on papers of his agreement will it be difficult to get my money back? Please suggest how can i get out of this situation