My wife greedy parents wants money

Sir, Eleven months Completed in my marriage, but within one week after marriage my wife parents demanded money from me and blackmailing my wife to demand it from me. My wife make an affidavit regarding that her father and mother demanding money from her husband and make it publish in newspaper after few days they people attacked my house along with others make me and my wife hostage and persuade me to sign blank stamp paper I ran away but unfortunately they trapped my wife and persuade her to take divorce from me so that my half salary would be her and brain wash her against me, actually they have already decided all this game before my marriage they people trapped me, none of my relative was in marriage even my wife parents are sole witness in court marriage. Then I next day I ran away to local police and women commission, then after few days of brainwash my wife ran away from their house and visit women commissioner and complain against her parents that they are persuade me to take divorce for sake of husband half salary and forced her to give false statement against her husband of domestic violence. Strangely women commission acted softly on them and just give them warning and both parties agreed that we will never kept any relation with each other. Sir now I came to know that they people are planning to kill me so that after my death my fund and govt job will be given to my wife and these bad people again take away my wife with them. We are living alone In place of my posting I have no contact with my parents neither my wife. Sir what can we do in this situation how can I protect me and my wife.