Which is better divorse with lump-sum or per month maintanance?

my wife dont love me,she just creates problem of any issue.i may divorse my wife.but she threatned me that she will jail me and my widow mother and my govt service will b in danger. 1) is it true that if she complans in 498-A or any other sec.then my service will b in danger? 2)if i do divorse,then which one is better? giving her ONE TIME LUMP-SUM money,like 10-20 lakh or giving her maintanence every month? 3)if i give her maintanence per month,then HOW MUCH i have to give?(my monthly salary 40000,and private practice income 40000 per month,I dont show private practice in income-tax dept.) 4)IF i give her maintanence per month,then can she claim on my property? shall i have to maintain expenditure for her if she get hospitalised? or fall in any disease? 5)IF I GIVE HER LUMP-SUM one-time money,then shall i have any liability to her? can she claim on my property? 6)whats the recent changes made in sec 498-A? pls reply my all question,i need to know all. WE BELONG TO MUSLIM FAMILY.