Dv from husband and inlaws

Im a mother of two childrens(5yrs old girl and 5months old boy). Since my marriage i faced many problems from my husband and inlaws. * me and my husband are not in sexual relationship for 5years. Just been together for 2 months only. So got 1st child in iui. So i was mentally disturbed by my negligence. So i always use to fight with him for spoiling my life. I doubted him. * he scold me in bad words and once i start speaking he use to record my voice n keep mum. He threatens me many times with that recording he will divorce me easily in mental cruetly. * then he started harrasing me physical n mentaly. Im not finally sound to buy recorder and all. After many strugles he is in sexual relationship after 5years and i got pregnant within 3month of period. He again started rejected me once pregnant. * he gave many false complaint to police which i dont have proof to show them for my innocence. He is saying me as a insane person. * he make many injuries in my body but i dont gave complaint against him. *he is tarchering me for silly reasons. He is intersted to live with me just collecting proof against me is the only motive. note: if i file dv case and maintenance. Is there any possibility to win. Bcoz he have many recordings that came to know me after 4years of marriage life.