family pension two wives ICF

sir please help. my mother is second wife of my father who died on 17-7-2014. both the wives of my father are blood sisters. first one lived only for 4 years leaving 2 girls so my father married her sister and lived with her till death having 2 more girls and a son totally 5 children. the issue is my father never removed his first wife's name from any document and was retired on 2009. we were unaware about this on his death we were left with such a situation that the PENSION PAY ORDER had his first wife's name and his second wife's photograph. initially first wife agreed to go with whatever her sister do but give her 3000 per month. second wife applied for family pension and everything went smoothly on the second day after bank account is opened she went straight to the bank claiming she is the legally wedded wife and how could they open an account and we were threatened of opening forgery account so we closed the account and now the ICF asked us to apply a petition in a family court. first wife got no evidence or proof of any kind. second wife got ration card adhaar card everything whatever a legal wife could have. I saw an article stating that family pension will be paid in equal portion in case of multiple wives in please help. rathna