Wife files false 498A/325 and DP 3/4 case on husband and mother

Hi, Wife left house with majority of her belongings in Nov 2015 and we filed a GD in PS stating the same. After more than 6 months, in June 2016, she came with around 13-14 people at my home and abused me and mother and started using filthy language at us. At the same time, she said that she will stay in this home and will force me and my mother out of the home. The 13-14 people along with her were using threatning tactics and were forcing us to accept her at our home. Then they made a false medical certificate from a local hospital and registered FIR against me, mother and two neighbours under sec 498a/325 and 3/4. Also in their complaint they are complaining that all her valubles and gold ornaments is with us, however, she has taken everything with her (apart from some clothes and daily materials in her almirah. After they left, we had once again filed a GD at police station that she came with 13-14 people and was threatening us. We have procured Bail from the court for now. However, would like to know what would be the best course of action from now?. Should I file a divorce petition now or wait for chargesheet to filed in these cases..? What happens if I file a divorce petition now on the grounds of cruelty and lack of trust..? please advice.. Also, please suggest what could be the best solution to get divorce if the g Background: Married in 2014 (and no kids) she has always been violent and wanted to throw my mother out of the home for us to live peacefully. We tried to speak to her parents about her indecent behaviour twoards me and mother but of no use. Had given her 8-9 warnings but everytime she will create chaos at house and run away to her parents home. At last, in Nov 2015 when she ran away again we filed the GD at police station. Her behaviour is very bad and disrespectfull towards me and mother (who is a senior citizen and with health issues).