The will is genuine, but why that is not getting executed ?

My grandfather had made a will in the year 2006 i.e three years before his death, stating that one of his property (our present resident) should be given to my mother as because she was the one who took proper care of him from the day she got married to my father up to his last breathe even after the will was made. My grandfather has four legal heirs including my father where my father is his eldest son, there is one more son and two daughters. My grandfather's 2nd son(my uncle) started staying in his in-laws house hardly after one year of his marriage. He and his family never came to our resident to look after my grandfather or in any occasion and not in our bad times also. We including all our family members (both my aunts) had never seen or met them even after staying in the same city, they were completely detached from our family specially my uncle's daughter and his wife. My uncle is an anti-social person and violent in nature, loads of time he only used to come to our resident with an evil intention and starts fighting with my grandfather for silly reasons. Even I have witnessed him trying to hurt my grandfather where my parents stood in between. So my grandfather knowingly made such will and the same was produced by my mother to the Court after his death. Even after making my uncle know about such probate case filed by my mother, he tried so many evil things like forcibly entering into the property, keeping his assets and materials to get possession on the same etc. Then finally he also objected filing an objection in the Court and again filed a false case against my parents stating really false & fabricated things in it. The Court is not taking any proper legal actions. Meanwhile my mother's health is deteriorating day by day and now she is unable to go to the Court as she is completely resting in bed. Both my aunts took five lakhs rupees from my father and made an agreement that they won't enter into this litigation and signed the same. But, again they filed objection with my uncle, when asked they stated that those agreement papers has no value. We are staying in the same property, but apprehending danger all the time. I've some of his and my aunt's voice recording where they're threatening us to kill and when I said about this recording to our lawyer he replied saying phone recordings can't be produced before the Court, these are minor things. I'm suspecting that we are getting misguided by our lawyer as well. So, hereby I am stating all these to know what should I do to keep my grandfather's words. It's been complete seven years we are suffering.