Domestic violence case against husband

Hi, Sir, I was working women when I get married and continued my work for three more years after mairrage. My husband use to neglect me whenever I told him to take me from my mother's home . he was also having problems with my job also and told me several times to leave the job.As he was jobless when I got married ,I continued my job.During this time whenever he came he use to ask for money and I had given money as an help to him from myy salary.After seven or eight months later he got a job .He lives in a other city and started telling me to leave the job. But at the same time he didn't want to keep me with him,so I didn't leave the job and decided to leave in mother's home. As a result husband's family and husband started pressuring me to come and leave with his mother in her village.I refused and and didn't reply to them. Then my husband started calling me in my office and my colleagues with his names and other names in order to embarrass and defame me and also abused a lot. He also visited to my office and trouble a lot. As a result I was mentally and emotionally for few weeks depressed.But I didn't resigned because I know if I left the job he will not going to do anything good for me. After few months he agreed to keep me with him, when I will leave the job and said sorry to me and my parents. But when I resigned he started ignoring me and for several months I remained in my mother's home. Then I myself gone there to live with him .Now ,he started asking for money from me and also asked to bring money from my parents,abusing and beating(sometimes very badly)me.I complained to his family but they didn't do anything. Lastly I told my parents they came and took me home with themselves and told me to file an FIR against him. Sir, I don't want to stay with him and want to lodge FIR against himfor domestic violence and dowry. Sir,the problem is that where to lodge the FIR because he had mentally and emotionally tortured in my mother's place (i.e,where is my office and family lives) or in the place where he has beaten and tortured me. Because the place where he(husband) lives he told that he setting with police and political connections and if my family member gone there and complained against him he not leave him/her. Please,suggest where to file complaint and what are the steps I can take.