Hello, My marraige only lasts for 120 days.There were no physical relations between us in this period. Neither we used to talk to each other in this period, Just because of our Ego & attitude we were not in the talking terms from day1. Now the situation is that girl has left the home taking all her belongings incuding the ornaments ,since past 70 days. & now her father is asking for the alimony amount of 6 lakh to give divorce. My income is not more then 1.6 lakh per annum.Neither I have any property or bank balance. Till yet both the families havent done anything related to legal or court or police in this case. In this matter I want to know that 1. What harm can they put on me or my family in terms of domestic violence or anything related to police.? 2. Our wedding was in jaipur,As i belong to jaipur. But i am living in delhi in Co owned room due to job. Girls family belong to delhi. If they go legally for case where will they put the case in Jaipur or Delhi ? 3. If they go to court for alimony amount what are the chances of me to pay them & how much.? As i have really nothing to pay .?