Divorce on Mutual Consent and Property Safeguarding

My wife has send me the notice for divorce on mutual consent. We are married for only 6 months in which I was working outside from my home city and came back after 3 months of our marriage. She has put sexual and dowry allegations which is natural if she wanted divorce. I have given replied with a positive note to save this matrimonial relationship. I was 99% positive and certain to save relationship till the date she with her family came to my home. She actually wanted to pressurize me for agreeing all allegation which was pressed. Now her father had hinted that he has spend lot of money and I have a fear that she will again came to my residence. Also claim alimony which would be huge as hinted by her father. However I'm earning 50K and she is also earning around 40k. I'm residing in home with my mother alone. Property is in 3 parts and in the name of my sister, mother and me My concerns: Can I gift deed my portion at this point to my mother or sister to save any claim from her? Can court consider this facts in her side, where she proved that you have transfer your portion after this incident because I have a fear that I have to pay alimony if situation worsen? I'm not at all interested in any alimony whatsoever as she do not deserved it and she did hurt me and my family emotionally. How will I put a safeguard? Some Facts: I have initiated the process to transfer liquid investment to my mother which includes everything and will be done within 2 week. While writing this question on this portal, they have requested me to meet my wife alone to dissolve all issues, however NOW, i'm not interested in saving this relationship. There is no further notice from my side and from them