a boy promised of getting married but refused later

I am a girl of 24 years ...I had past relationships also but never promised by a any man to get married ever..from past 10 months I was in a relationship with a boy he promised me that he will get married to me coz he loves me a lot..i use to live in Noida I left my job and he bought me from Noida to delhi right next to his workplace which is his own gym...after few months of relationship I was diagnosed with high daibetis he still promised me to be with me and always use to make a relation whenever I use to go n meet him...but after 3 months all of the sudden he started saying that he can't stay with me anymore coz his parents are against this marriage as I m diabetic....I tried to make him understand but he refused and he put aligations on me that I disrespected his parents that's why he doesn't wan to b with me any more....I m sexually mentally emotionally totally broken...my parents says that I should forget him which is next to impossible its been 12 days this incident had happened I want to know how law can help me to get justice.