Adverse Report in Police Verification

I had applied for re-issue of passport and submitted postpaid mobile bill as proof of my current residential address as my rental agreement had expired a month ago at the time of application. The passport website states that mobile bill alone can serve as a proof of the current residential address. Landlord of my currently rented flat stays in the US and he was not able to come to India for rent agreement renewal for family reasons. He is planning to visit India in a couple of months for rent agreement renewal in early August. Subsequent to my application, I went to Police station for verification but they were not satisfied with proof of residential address. They have now put my application in the adverse report category. My passport was put in the post police verification category and I have already received the new printed passport on my residential address. PSK was satisfied with postpaid mobile bill as the proof of residential address (in line with their website) but police station was not. I understand that I might be fined regarding the confusion in proof of current residential address. Any guidance on next steps will be really appreciated. Can I visit RPO and place a request for re-verification once the rental agreement is renewed OR withdraw my current application and submit a new application after renewal of rent agreement.