Torture from wife family

Hi, My marriage date was 6th Dec'2013, before going to marriage i cleared each & everything with her family. her father was no more in her childhood. my family think that her family is good & poor & girl is also good & decided to marry with her. now she is pursuing graduation & on that time she passed 12th class. In her family, mother, one elder sister married (she living nearby her mother at their own house, she also married second husband & handling Beauti Parlour shop near by home). After marriage her elder sister & mother both are interfering in my life, they always talking with my wife on phone & asked each n everything, said that you keep two months then i keep one months here. Her mother torture to me very much & abused my family whenever she bring to my wife, " how you deny to me to bring my daughter" i never sell to her in your family"...and my wife always obeying their mother & sister order. never support to me & my family. this is now third to bring with them. In my family my father, mother younger brother, & one nephew & niece because father no more:( what should i do to stop to going their sister & mother home always within a month. This is the reason my no child yet. Please suggest me asap