I have a matter in court for which I was looking for a criminal lawyer and was referred to a high court kawyer by a friend. I called him and went to meet him at his office. He asked me a few questions pertaining to my case to which I replied. I asked him if he would be interested in taking case and what will be his fees. He said he need to study my case and needs copy of all the papers which i have and will quote me his fees in the next meeting. I handed him all the copies pertaining to my case and left. After a few days i met him again and we had a brief discussion about the matter and then i asked him what will be his fees. He told me it will be 5 lacs which i found extremely high for a middle class man like me so I told him I will not be afford his fees and will.inform him incase i need to engage him as my lawyer and i left. After a fee days he emailed me a bill for Rs. 75000/- stating that his charge for 2 meetings we had was Rs. 50000/- and Rs. 25000/- for reading the papers and court summon. And he has threatened that incase I don't pay he will take legal action against me. At no stage he informed me about his charges. I would like to know the legal opinion in this matter and where do I stand.legally if I refuse to pay this lawyer.