Illegal name transfer

Hello Sir, sir, the issue is that i have the original property document which was transferred from my mother name and was registered to my name in 2005. I am the elder son and i have 4 younger brothers and 1 sister. The document states "That even in future if i am willing to change the name it cant be done the property is registered to my son". later in 2008 there was a family problem and by that time i was in abroad, my brother went to the register office to illegally change the name back to the mothers name. And this has been illegally done by Tamil Nadu register office.And my mother has been taken away and kept under their custody. I was the one who did all marriage expenses to my 4 brothers and my sister with my own earned money.So, for that gratitude my mother gifted this land to me. the documents was transferred to my name. But now it has been 9 years this case filled in Chengalpet,Chennai high court and this case hasn't seen any improvement in anyways and so much money is been spent every month which is not tolerable for a middle class person. And they are still living my house at top floor and even the electricity is paid by me for them as the electricity card has been registered under by name.I cant tolerate this burden sir please suggest me what to do ,i had done as much i can and there is no progress by the lawyers.