Daughter;s right in ancentral property

Sir, My grand father was allotted a lease land benglow in 1912, after his sad demise that property inherited by his only son my father. My father has five children three sons and two daughters. Elder son died and elder daughter married before his death in 1953. Now after his sad demise leaving behind there are two sons and two daughters (one of them married his death). In2009 we two brothers have made an oral battlement reduced in writing dividing two equal parts of the same property and on that ground my elder brother sold many pieces of land of his portion. Till August 2014 non of the both daughter's never claim any right in any property neither there is any record in their name of any property. In September 2014 the elder daughter sold 1/4 land of the same via registered deed claiming her 1/4th inherited right without her names on land records. Q1- Now I want to know, is there any right of her in same property. Q2- can I go for criminal proceeding against her. Q3- What should I do. Thanks