I gave a friendly loan to a lady & recorded her commitment to payback. Is this enough for proof?

I met a lady on a matrimonial site and she accepted my interest and also replied back giving her mobile phone number. When I sent her message on WhatsApp then she replied back saying that she went to a trip but because of extravagancy she overspent some amount and she needs some loan, as her father will be angry if he knows about it. I became suspicious but I was not completely sure that she was a con. Therefore, I agreed to provide her loan but recorded the conversation as proof and even saved a copy of the WhatsApp messages. She asked me to transfer the money through Netbanking but it was unsuccessful because I did not remember my password. She got furious but asked me to meet next day in Dwarka, Delhi. When I met her in person, she asked me to withdraw money through ATM, but since my card did not have a chip as per RBI new guidelines that cards should have a chip, this transaction was also unsuccessful. This can be verified by the CCTV installed in the ATM rooms that she was with me while I was trying to withdraw cash to give her loan. However, she asked me to give cash if I had some, and the reason for that she gave was that a lady named Suman Chaudhary was asking for payback for a loan which she incurred. I gave her loan of Rs. 2000 in cash but because I became suspicious about her, I stealthily recorded this deal too in my mobile phone. Next day, I told her that I will deposit the amount in cash and she asked me to deposit an amount of Rs. 6,200 in the account of Ms Suman Chaudhary in ICICI bank account. She told me that she will return the amount when she will get salary. I withdrew some amount from my Bank Of India account and then sent her an SMS asking her to return the money by giving her the reason that my father might scold me for giving that amount. Only yesterday, during afternoon, she sent WhatsApp messages that she needs to goto Mumbai because her paternal uncle became serious for 20 days and her mobile phone will be with her relatives as her mother will be accompanying her. However, after sometime during that day, she called me and said that her flight is cancelled and she needs Rs. 10-12,000 more as loan. I said that I am in Ghaziabad and I cannot instantly give her that amount. She asked me give it by tomorrow i.e. Saturday, 8/6/2019. But I said that banks are closed on Saturday so let's see on Monday i.e. tomorrow. I am now 99.99 percent sure that this is sham. Therefore, most humbly and respectfully I urge you to take some reasonable action or investigate this matter. I have all the electronic proofs like WhatsApp messages, phone recordings etc. as evidences of this entire incident. If she runs away with my loan, can WhatsApp messages, video recordings etc be proof enough to recover my loan given to her?