Salary due for two months

Dear Lawyers I started working for this company in June 2015. They had been paying salary on time all the while but I didn't get my salary from the month of December stating that they will be paying soon. However they didn't pay me my salary for the month of December and January and on February 2nd, 2016 he told me that he was closing down the company and so he has to let me and other 3 employees go. I asked him about the due salary but he said that he will clear the dues soon. However I haven't got my salary yet. I have called and messaged him a couple of times to no avail. As a proof I only have the messages I sent to him and he sent to me regarding the discussion of salary payment, as it was not an MNC, we didn't get any salary slip or appointment letter or stuff, however he did credited my salary once to my account and we have skype history as to how did I used to work with him. The amount due closes down to about 35000 Rs. Can you please help me? Do I need to get a lawyer? I don't have enough money to pay the fees of a lawyer. Do I need to send him a legal notice, if yes, how much does that cost? Please tell me what to do and how? Thank You