Inheritance natural heirs

My father wanted to established real estate business post retirement. So he had taken several home loans and personal loan to develop some properties. Some of his associates stood as guarantors in these loans and in some loans my father stood as guarantors. But his sudden and unexpected demise 2 years after his retirement raised several problems. First of all due to his difference with the family we were not aware of all his loans or contracts with his associates and after the demise of our mother (one year before his) we were hardly in any contact with him. Second we have not received any movable and immovable property or assets from our parents. The problem started when banks start substituting our names in the cases giving reasons that we have received property of our parents being natural heirs. So in one of the cases we filed WS and an affidavit that we have not received any property from our parents and court ruled that we have no obligation to pay. But all these took 4 and half years giving us unnecessary tensions and making us spend money. So when this case ended we come to know that in another case which was not in our knowledge and ex-party decisions have been made including our names and decree has been issued which carries our names too. Now we fear that this may be the case with other loans too. What legal measures can we take to avoid these unnecessary hassles.