Build houses in India.

I actually have more questions than only one. I visited India in January this year to participate in my best friend's wedding and fell in love with India and its people. So now I want to hear if it is possible to move to India and build houses for the Indian population. Not for tourists, or the rich, but for the common man and the poor. Those who really needs it. So how do I get residence and work permit? Can I buy land to build on? I come from Denmark where we have a lot of rules and laws for what is allowed to be build. Do you have that? What are the rules for donating houses to the poor. We have rules for everything so please do not laugh lol. I'd love to make a non-profit part in the company. Is that possible ?? What are the rules for starting a company in India ?? I have several educations and one of them is as a carpenter. I want to create new jobs and help make India great. (More than it already is) I have more questions but I will stop here. Just in case it's just not possible. If it is possible I have more questions and will need to hire a lawyer to help me. Yours sincerely Vibeke Pedersen