I’m Sheela S, working in a company as senior software engineer. I got married on Oct 2013 and got a baby boy a year later. After I been to my mother place for post maternity leave, my husband family didn’t come to see and was not answering any of our family members’ call. My father went and ask them what had happened but didn’t get any satisfactory reply from them rather got that I have to stay separately with my parents and they won’t take care of me and kid. Then after also we called them many times but no response from them and we also try to connect them through their relatives but nobody shown interest as they are not happy with my husband family. So we decided to go straight way to my matrimonial house taking my kid along but my father was not wanted to do that as he has ordered by my mother in law not to take me to their house, over and above if she (Me here) comes we will not take care of her so we dropped that plan of going there as we are not wanted to any fight with them by considering respect of our family. Because of this my father convinced me to take a rented house near my office as I had to be resume back to my work after 6 months of my maternity leave and they stayed with me to take care of my kid once I been to office. Year passed and still my family members called them many times but we are not getting any response from them and one more shocking news is that they have changed the house now and when I tried with different numbers to reach them, my husband was behaving very rude and not giving the present address as well. It’s almost two years now, I’m really feeling frustrated and want to go for divorce because I don’t want to live with those animals. In this regard, I really need all your guidance and advice to get best justice to my life. I can fight for good reason and I want them to be punished hard so that no other women get betrayed and cheated from them. I just wanted to put few additional points over here 1. The completed marriage expenses is incurred from my family(Below middle class) and is on an average 8-10 lakh including the jeweler given to them at the time of marriage. That money is hard earned from my family and saved over period for my marriage. But my marriage broken up in a year. 2. When I was staying with them I used to bear all my expenses and pre maternity expenses of my baby and was sharing family expenses as well. Because of this I didn’t save anything over there. Now though I’m earning I can live my life but there is no guarantee of my job as I’m working in private sector. And even I cannot seek any financial help from my family when I lost my job as they are not that financial sound to support me and my kid. 3. Because of all this consequence, I somewhat lost my mental steadiness and was not performing well in my current role. If this is the case I may lose my job and my family will come to street and I don’t have any other source or property. 4. Currently I’m staying in small house with my parents and my kid and living below middle class life just to save my earnings for my kid education and other expenses. My current salary after all deduction is 58k. 5. I born and brought with all struggles and my journey of life was not smooth as we are nurtured in poor family. With all difficulty, my parents given me a good education and grace of god I completed my master in statistic and got good job. 6. Because of they kept me away, I have been undertreated from my relatives and I lost all my respect. Always get hurts when my kid growing without both parents love and affection. This is what making feel always down and many time thought of just to leave this life and find some happiness in god place but my heart not accepting to do that considering my lovely son future and helpless old age parents. Hope, I have completely opened up my life in front of you and seeking only good justice to my life . Thank you, Sheela S