Succession Certificate for pension release.

HI, My father was a retired asst teacher (Govt Aided School ), he got retired in the year 2007 whereas was not drawing any monthly pension due to case pending the court of law against State of Maharashtra. Whereas he was evacuated from the case on 19th Sept 2013. He has sent several letters to school management to release his pension papers but do to management it was delayed. My father expired on 11th Aug 2014 due to prolonged illness, now the management has decided to release his pension and for that management is requesting us to provide succession certificate from the competent court. As per my knowledge it takes 3 to 4 months to get succession certificate from the competent court. wanted to know will the state government will release all his dues from the date of his retirement till his death of only will start monthly pension to my mother. Note:- He was not having any property in his name was only getting nominal provisional pension from the state government. As per the state government law a person whose case is pending in the court of law then he/she is entitled for provisional pension till the cases results are out. Do let me know if you require any more information. Regards, Shahbaz Khan