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i am shaik working as a area development manager in Indian pharma company last 3 year. in our company new zonal sales manager as joined in the year April 2013 he is in charge of entire Tamil Nadu we 15 distributor in Chennai. we are billed the stock for every month all this stockist. we need to achieve the target which company given. on that time we have debit 1lakh to 2 lake for that debisith we will given extra 20 % adjustment. for example MRP is 10 we give 8 per tablet to the stockist. to full fill our target we done from April 2013 to march 2014. but now issue is in January we bill one stockist 2,52,000 value of stock. and also our pharma company norms don't given any stock to field force. but my zonal sales manager given instruction to CFA (depot) given stock to me i am also received the stock and signature the bill copy which i received and supply to another stockist which we supply regularly. this stockist already we want give 2,95,000 rupees because of which bending extra 20% amount. this stockist received the stock and he say this value should be adjusted u r previous pending amount so that he don't give any amount. and i inform to my superior manager all thous thing now zonal manager blame me u only responsible for this payment u should give CFA because of i signature after that he given mail the detail below Mr.shaik you says as per my instructions do the wrong thing are you a kid for doing without any thinking and you accept you did and you give your personal cheque to party and collect 1.5 lac with in 15th April you only commit to Sm and VP but you fail, after wards you involve my name and in CFA you said with sm you did for adjusted sales now you play over smart, I try to correct you every time but right from day one you are not obey my words even you try to disturb other managers and so's everyone inform me I given lot of chance but you can't change your attitude and I prove all the time I am not involved in this kamalam issue but when ever whom ask you payment you says my name why you are not asking if I instruct who response for payment and you are experience in ozone why you are not inform to top level and if I instruct why you put a signature and get the stocks from CFA and I am new to Chennai I don't know any party of Chennai you only deal all the party for last 3 years Every time you commit to Sm and VP you give something but you can't Even last month also you scan one cheque you assure to give this amount on 29th Aug ,if i am not instruct to collect this you did whom instructions please don't act smart future don't use my name. given replay is Dear Sir, CFA never given any stocks in last 3 years directly to my hands to deliver to any stockist in my own. Even i am associated with them for last 3 years. Stocks has been handed over to me after you given instruction to the CFA. As you instructed i handed over the stocks to the person you mention. Its very dramatic if you say you are not involved in the issue as you are the ZSM of Chennai how come CFA handover the stocks that too of high value to me blindly? i'e" CFA already conformed the same to Mr.Manoj yadav by mail Stocks has been handed over to me after you given instruction to the CFA.I am not a kid but i am reporting to you so i need to follow your orders and i did the same. Why should i disturb any other managers? As per the instruction given by SM and VP i am working for the last two months. I am facing all this problems because i obey your orders without questioning. I still don't understand why you put all the blame on me and acting you are innocent. As per the commitment i gave to SM and VP i try to stick on it. But any no of time if you ask me i have only one answer i did all as per your instruction only. now what can i do give me advice