Family Property Dispute

My uncle(Father's step brother) has filed a property dispute case against his brothers(2 uncles and my father). The property in question is located in an unauthorised colony(Baljit Nagar- New Delhi). The property is not registered under anyone's name as it was occupied by my grandfather in around 1960s.We do not have any property papers. My grandfather had 2 marriages, Out of the first marriage, he had 4 sons & 3 daughters( 2 of the sons & 1 daugther) have passed away, Out of his second marriage, he had 3 sons & 2 daughters( 1 of them is passed away). Intially, Everyone used to live in the same house. However, the eldest son was the first one to move out of the property immediate after is marriage( Both my uncle and aunt had passed away and they have a son and a daughter(married) who live in the same colony). The 2nd movement out of the house happened after one of my unmarried uncle decided to move out. He used to live seperately and has recently been passed away without any legal heirs. The 3rd movement from the house happened in the form of my youngest uncle who is also the complainant. Interestingly, he has sold his share of the property(2 rooms, 1 kitchen and a 1 toilet) to myself back in 2008. He and his wife had duly signed all property documents before they moved out of the property. They had moved to Bahadurgarh(Haryana) and purchased a piece of land. He has a son and a daughter. The 4th movement happened in the form of death of my another uncle following long term illness. He used to live seperately from his wife. They had a son and a daughter and they used to live with their mother. Unfortunately, my aunt( his wife) also passed away with in 2 years leaving behind her children under the custody of her Mother & sister. They were also given 2 rooms in the property which were locked down as children used to live with their grandmother in a seperate colony in Delhi. Following all these events, my uncle who is also a complainant decided to adopt both son & daughter(not legally) to confiscate their property. He moved in back again in to the property along with all 4 children and his wife after 2 years and started to live. They used to oppress both the children of their brother. The girl(my uncle's daughter who had passed away) decided to call her masi(mother's sister). They forcefully evicted my uncle and aunt out of the house and took both the children along with them under their custody. My uncle(complainant) had very smartly kept his furniture in both the rooms as they were being locked down by my dead aunt's sister. Over a period of time, we are left with 3 families in the house. The house was in dilipiadated condition and was about to crumble, we decided to rebuild the house with the help of a builder. we had an agreement with the builder that he would reconstruct the house and will have 10 flats built. we decided to keep 6 of the flats with us and 4 of them will be given to the builder to recover the cost of construction. Amongst the 3 brothers, we had an agreement that we would keep 2 flats each. We also had an agreement with the builder that he would pay certian amount of cash to my deceased uncle and aunt's childern who are staying with their Masi. However, we did not inform this to them as we felt that they may not approve of this proposal. My uncle who is a complainant has now approached the court and wants the property to be distributed into 6 equal parts. Just to add, the property is being demolished now and all the previous occupants are living in rented accomodation. Despite he had sold out his share to me, he is again putting a claim on the property. One of the other complaint that he had filed was that he had kept his stuff in the rooms which has been missing now. He is not financially sound and he he is being greedy to get back into the house. He had already shown his intentions when he came back in to the property with my deceased uncle's children. The house has 3 electricity connections under the name of 3 occupants who are also living in the property.The water connection is under my grandfather's name. The house tax is also been paid by the 3 occupants who had been living in the property since the begining. I have some questions and I would really like to take your advice: 1- Can the court put a stay on the property unless the issue is resolved and stop the construction on the pretext of this complaint? 2- Is the complainant entitled to have a share in the property post selling his share? 3- The other 2 claimants( Sons of both my uncles who had passed away) are not sided with the actual complainant. He has filed a complaint on their behalf out of his malicious intentions?