Husband problem

Sir,It is my husband problem.who left me one yr back.he is responding to me at all.In 2014 march we got married.My husband childhood has gone with his grand parents.Due to some family problems his mother kept him from 3months of age with her mother.My husband father is a farmer,for good education also they kept their daughter also with grandmothers family.because they stay in Hyderabad which is suitable for education.My husband parents sent all the money which they earned in farming to Hyderabad for their children.with that money my husband grand parents had buyed a plot n made a construction of two stairs building.During the period of my husband's sister marriage which had been done in2009 their was a conflict between my husband's mother n grandmother. my husband was with his grandmother only.we got this match through some marriage bureau.My husband has made all the marriage talks with she said that the building which had been constructed in Hyderabad,one floor will be given to my husband.i will do registration on his name.she also promised that i will get my husband parents to our marriage.But,nothing happened,our marriage is completed.after one month she started scolding me n i left there house n kept family in another house which was given to me for marriage from my father.this was in June i had not invited my husband's family members for this thing.At this time onwards they started blaming my husband that we did marriage to you.u r neglecting this way they this time my husband situation is to resign the job which he is doing.he resigned it n he got a new job in December in vizag.He has a desire to take me to vizag.But,at that time i was pregnant of 5months so i said i can't come to vizag,because we don't know any one,i will stay in Hyderabad in my parents house.he also agreed for that.After going to vizag he stopped speaking to me only.In may i got delivered.for that he came.from that day onwards he is not responding to me.In January 2016 he came back to Hyderabad then also he had not came.i had called him for thousands of time.but he will say that if i come to their grandmothers house only i will talk to u otherwise no need of calling me he will give me a advice what i have to do.